Hands off your Kids Bike...With the Gyrobike

Intrigued by a visitor's link or rather its name, The Gyrobike I decided to take a look.
What I discovered was an invention by four engineering students from Dartmouth College named you guessed it...the Gyrobike...Here is how its creators, three girls and one guy describe it:

"The Gyrobike is a device used to stabilize bicycles. It uses the natural force of gyroscopic precession to recenter the rider's weight underneath the bicycle as he or she falls. It is a flywheel contained within the front wheel that spins independently of the front wheel to create gyroscopic precession. " Gyrobike

They won a one of the Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Awards for 2006.

It does not seem that their invention is commercialized yet.

I am sure a lot of parents cannot wait to hear the riders in training tell them to get their hands off their bike when it becomes available.

It will be a relief for our backs too!

Kudos to the Gyrobike and the creative minds behind it.

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