From 'Wag the Dog' to 'Wag Hotels': Boutique Hotels for Cats and Dogs

Traveling for business or pleasure or having a busy schedule that prevents you to tend to your pet's needs can create challenges.
Dropping your dog especially at a kennel can be a bittersweet experience.
With all this in mind, here comes Wag Hotels whose clientèle is exclusively Cats and Dogs.
Their first location was in Sacramento and Wag Hotels is opening a second in San Francisco in April and a third facility, I guess for our tech friends, in Sunnyvale in the Fall.
So for now it seems the concept is limited to California.
As for the rooms they go from simple to luxury suites equipped with plasma TV, sofas and other dog and cat favorites.
They also offer 'daycare' options.

So life is not a dog after all, especially for our best friends.

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