From my 'nomadic' thoughts to San Francisco 'Bedouins'

In the follow the thread realm, Where Neo-Nomads' Ideas Percolate by Dan Frost in The San Francisco Chronicle (March 11) somehow relates to the Live and Work Anywhere ideas I toyed with earlier today.

No Camels or Tea served here. The article on San Francisco coffeehouses highlights the connection between Free Wi-Fi , Coffee Shops and Geeks.

Dan Pink who is mentioned in the article pointed to the same link in Free Agent Nation a few years back.

I do agree with Timothy Ferriss that Coffee Shops might not always be the best place for a meaningful conversation or steady work.

A quiet space such as my very own home office in my new digs works better for me.

Maybe for some it is a way to feel important and be on display while for others it is the most practical choice.

I first noticed the Bedouin story on Signal vs Noise.

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