Food, Memories...'A Taste of my Life'...Nigel Slater on the BBC

On his BBC TV Show A Taste of My Life, Nigel Slater invites various guests to share their favorite Food Memories.
Recipes range from Toad in the Hole (unknown to me) for Vanessa Redgrave to the middle eastern Mouttabal by Julia Sawalha and Panna Cotta with Lavender a la Miranda Richardson.

No need to act on your part. As a fringe benefit, this might give you ideas for Dinner tonight or Lunch tomorrow.

Memories of times past can make things taste even better.
Sometimes we feel disappointed when we try them again.
Where the memories of that favorite dish associated with a special event, a certain place, the  person who cooked it, god only knows?

What are your best Food Memories?

Along these lines, in my Foods from Brittany stories: Artichokes, How to cook and eat them?

Bon Appetit!

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