Movies and Magic: The Living Room Theaters...In Pictures

Remember when going to the movies was something special.

The Living Room Theaters in Portland (Oregon) is recapturing some of that magic by marrying the comfort of your living room and the most recent movie viewing technology with a cafe-restaurant right on site.
This way you can relax and enjoy the film without running around.

I wrote about the place a short while ago and of the creators of this wonderful space, Thea Robinson, was kind enough to send me a few snapshots of what they have to offer.
Here they are!
How about a cocktail?


Some Food Maybe?

Or having a Zen moment, are you a Lounge Lizard?                                                                                                                                                                                  


You might event want to see Crossing the Bridge: The Sound of Istanbul or Shopping de Nuit (taking place in Glasgow contrary to what its semi-French title might imply).

For more details check my original Living Room Theaters piece: Living Room Theaters, A Movie, A Glass of Wine

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