Entertaining Customers or 'Work is Theater'...Good Experiences

If 'work is theater', my role is that of the guy with an accent or to be more precise The French Guy.
I bring that je ne sais quoi or what you would call the European touch.
Mind you it is not all acting. I think I bring different qualities and experiences to the table because when I came to the US, I was already in my 30's.
I really get bothered by companies that focus too much time on mechanics of their business and numbers and/or worry about looking good in front of top management and start acting in a childish manner.
By doing that, they show fear for their position, get uptight and make people on their team stressed.
It kind of ruins the joy of work and the experience you should provide.

As a consequence, they get their eyes off the ball on the one thing that matters: the customers' experience.

Browsing through a book from 1999 The Experience Economy: Work Is Theatre & Every Business a Stage brought these thoughts to my mind.

Call it Tuesday morning musings!

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