With Wine Press...Squeeze the Data not the Grapes...Get the Best Wine Picks

Unless you have a Wine Cellar with a 1000 bottles, if you are new to the wine world, you might feel intimidated by the selection your local wine emporium offers. A solution, visit The Wine Press.
You can search for wines by type of grape, style, origin, color, price, ratings, price, vintage and also make sure it pairs well with your food selection.
It might sound complicated so check what came up when I selected France for the Country of Origin and Blue Cheese for the Food. The wines suggested were all Banyuls as you will see.

The Wine Press will definitely be a treat for wine geeks and data aficionados.

Want to know more about the wines of Banyuls and Collioure and the beautiful region where they grow (right by the Mediterranean), the Celliers des Templiers gives you an inside look.

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