Find '5 reasons why enthusiasm is better than confidence'...some 'Wishful Thinking'

I personally have a hard time talking about topics or selling things that I do not believe in. As I tell clients from my concierge service, I am trying to say honest. Maybe it is part of what Chris Anderson (Wired, The Long Tail) calls Radical Transparency, an assignment he gave to Clive Thompson.

Thinking that way, I had to read 5 Reasons Why Enthusiasm is Better than Confidence .

The main points of the piece are that when you are enthusiastic about something, the focus switches from yourself to the subject at hand. You want to share it with others. Most likely, people will feel your passion and in turn it will fuel your energy. You will feel glad that you were able to share something you believe in with others.

This is at least my take on '5 Reasons...' written by Mark McGuinness of 'Wishful Thinking', good products, happy customers, good work.

Read the full story and make your own judgment.

I first read about 5 Reasons... on Signal vs Noise from 37 Signals whose Backpack I enjoy using.

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