Couch Surfing...Not the Super Bowl kind...

I do not consider myself a couch potato and even less a sports fan married to a remote control which is what the mention of 'couch surfing' brought to mind at first as the Super Bowl is closing on us.

Well it has taken a different meaning thanks to the Couch Surfing Project which sheds new light on the term 'Social Networking'. Their motto is 'Participate in Creating a Better World, One Couch At A Time'. In my backpacking days, I might have been open to the idea but now I don't think so .

This project is the brainchild  of Casey Fenton. After 2 years of existence the site claims 125.000 participants (not members) in 17.000 cities around the world.

You never know though, an emergency might have you stuck somewhere without lodging and a free couch could sound good then.

Peter Alsop tells us more about the Couch Surfing Project in Sleeping with Strangers published by Good Magazine.

A! The spirit of adventure.

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