Amour...'Whole Lotta Love' from the Paris Public Transportation Agency!

They did not hire Robert Plant or Jimmy Page for this 'Whole Lotta Love'. The RATP, the public transportation agency in Paris just wished 'Beaucoup d'Amour' in 2007 to its customers.

In their Best Wishes page ( French Only) they also highlight Humor, Passion, Generosity, Friendship.

From January 25th to 28th they also offer a window on BD Angouleme , a major French event for lovers of all things Comic Strips (Vient faire des bulles would Gainsbourg say) that takes place on the same dates.

Amongst its main attractions is The Magestic Jules Verne exhibition.

This end of the 19th century 'portrait' of Jules Verne by Moloch is part of it.Verne_1

L'amour was brought to my attention by a post on Paris Daily Photo yesterday

Bonne Annee Eric

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