Top 5 Posts on Serge the Concierge in 2006

As we are only 2 steps away from the end of the year, let me list the Top 5 Posts on 'Serge the Concierge' in 2006 or should I say the Most Read.

They are listed in alphabetical order :

Which were your favorite 5? Feel free to share them with us!

Above all, thank you for being part of our growing readership.

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Do French people hate Americans? A question I get asked often!

Dec 28
Two things I have been asked frequently in my 17 years in the US are: Are French people romantic? Do French people hate Americans? I would say that the second question was asked way more often. A poster by Jean-Pierre Got, a Bordeaux (France) based illustrator, that I got recently with his Christmas Wishes is a good way to answer. Here is how Jean-Pierre describes it: "A poster exhibition scheduled in 2008 will pay a...
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Me, Myself and I....Let your T-Shirt do the Talking...With T-List...Bands, Movies, Interests, Dislikes

Dec 30
Want to show your sense of style, original taste, culture, worldliness, dislikes or just looking for attention, Canadian company T-List lets you customize T-shirts that lists your favorite or least liked things and people. Pick between Top 5 or T-List and you are on your way to designing your own fashion statement. I used their sample for 'likes-dislikes' as an illustration. I think it would be neat if after you pick your choices and before...