The 'Daily Plate', In Pictures and in Calories

We track our finances (or try to) through Quicken or Microsoft Money. A service named The Daily Plate (launched this year) help us track what we eat, our calorie intake and how many calories we burn through exercise. They also offer a database of food items that you can search to find out the calories, fat content, carbs and protein they contain. See what my search for ham and cheese sandwich came up with.
I will actually have a homemade  Croque Monsieur for lunch (french ham and asiago cheese if you wondered, 12 grain bread toasted, touch of butter).


Additionally The Daily Plate will make suggestions for healthy alternatives to what you currently eat.
The service is user friendly and currently free for basic use, registration is required.

On a lighter note Sam of Becks and Posh shows us today What the world Ate for a Week in a mosaic of Pictures, for your eyes only!?

Thanks to Lifehacker for bringing The Daily Plate to my attention.

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