Laguiole offers the 'Philippe Patek' of Corkscrews

Since my last visit to their site Laguiole, a fine maker of Table Cutlery, Cigar Knives, Folding Knives and more has added a Shopping Cart.
It offers pictures of each item with detailed descriptions and prices in either Euros or US Dollars.
Today I decided to focus on the Laguiole corkscrews with 3 categories: Chateau de Laguiole, Forge de Laguiole, Laguiole en Aubrac.
The one with the most interesting byline is Clef Du Vin ($264) with an oakwood handle (in English Wine Key, pictured here).Clefduvin_1
Here is how they describe it: "This Clef du Vin consists of an alloy of metal protected by 4 international patents and was developed over a 10 year period. It has been tested and approved by the world's top sommeliers, wine growers, judges and writers. Using a Clef du Vin, or "wine key", helps simulate the passage of time on a bottle of a wine. Dipped in a glass of wine one second for every year of aging desired, the metal alloy speeds the oxidation process changing the wine's taste, in effect mimicking the effect of cellaring. Wine collectors will use the Clef du Vin to predict how well a bottle may age helping them decide which wines are worth keeping and when their ideal drinking age will be."

For a more rustic feel, I would select the 'Forge de Laguiole, Sommelier with Juniper Handle' ($232).

These handcrafted beauties could be called the 'philippe patek' of corkscrews and are made in the town of Laguiole located in Aubrac, France.

File it under 'gift ideas' and 'authentic'.

I first mentioned the Laguiole Craft in A Cheese Discovery, the Laguiole almost a year ago.

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