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No New Year's Resolutions!

Dec 31
I agree fully with Resolved: To Go Easy on the Resolutions by Lisa Belkin in today's New York Times. Obsessing over the details and wanting to control everything can be a recipe for failure. Maybe a better way to describe it is overreaching. My friend Steve Shapiro of Goal Free Living yesterday posted a passage from What you'll wish you'd known a January (2005) piece by Paul Graham. Let me pick just one sentence out...
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I Feel Good...Pacifier, Global Mamas and...Fair Trade Clothing!

Jan 2
I don't know about you, personally I can feel a pang of guilt when I buy stuff for my kids at pretty high prices and have a hard time reconciling the 'country of origin' with the final price. I often wonder how much or rather how little of that money went to the people who made it. After reading words of praise for Pacifier (a Minneapolis based children store) by Andrea Learned, I checked their...