Cocoa Vino...The Pleasure Principle..Or Gifts of Pleasure and Principle

Their name combines 2 things I am very fond of, Wine and Chocolate. I do not remember seeing them at The Chocolate Show in New York. Cocoa Vino is a New York based chocolate maker whose goal is to combine the pleasure of sinfully delicious chocolates with the principle of using organic, fair trade products produced in an eco-friendly fashion.
To echo the carbon neutral issue that I mentioned yesterday, they state that their kitchen uses wind generated power.
Getting back to the sinfully delicious part, I would like to have a few bites or more of their Drunken Figs. Figs                               
They describe them as "Chocolate-covered organic figs filled with vintage port and creamy organic dark chocolate".

Yummy and only $22 for 4 of them.

For more Cocoa Stories, you can check my Chocolate Show chronicles.

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