Will 'Wize' help us buy the Right product?

When shopping for such products as a new digital camera, a flat screen TV, or even more mundane things like a vacuum cleaner, office or computer products the sheer number of options might make it hard to choose. For my digital camera purchase back in July, I used CNET Reviews . For a wider range of products, Minneapolis based WIZE offers product rankings based on a combination of experts and users reviews. Besides the products I mentioned above it also looks at strollers, car seats, shavers, humidifiers, blenders and more. Wizelogo
I read about them earlier on Techcrunch but failed to mention them.
A short piece on their service on Lifehacker prompted me to correct my omission.
Check Wise and let me know what you think of it.

It could be used in combination with Frucall, a price comparison tool that I mentioned in '4 Digital Life services worth trying' back in October.

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