Ladies... Straight to Video...Novara Flirt & Mia...Retro-Fun Bikes with the Right Gears

Video on the Web is not just for bawdy jokes or self promotion. West Coast sports and outdoors champion REI gets you jazzed and informed about their Novara Bikes with 9 Short Novara Flicks.
My wife always tells me that all she wants is a Retro Looking bike.
She has an old Single Speed bike in need of repairs that she purchased at a Yard Sale. I do not see it as a good fit for the hills around town though. Flirtbike

The Novara Flirt (pictured here) & Mia women bikes would fit the spot.
If I can trust the Video, the look is Retro but the Bike is up to Speed (24 of them that is) and has comfort in mind.

The only change I would suggest to REI regarding the Novara Flicks would be to use different snippets of music for each flick.

At $399.00 it sounds like it might land on my Gift List.

I first read about the Novara Flicks on Bike Hugger.

My previous piece on Bikes was Put your 2 wheels on display about Velospace.

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