'Kobe' Meatloaf anyone, Return of the 'Wagyu'

I recently had 'Kobe' Flat Iron Steak (shoulder cut) here in New Jersey so reading Do you Wagyu? this morning by Michael Bauer (San Francisco Chronicle) announcing a flurry of Kobe Meatloaf offerings in the Bay Area by no less than Matthew Keller at his recently opened Ad Hoc and also the same exotic/homely offering at Skates on the Bay and Kincaid made me wonder if 'Kobe' is the 'It' beef this fall.
Kobe beef comes originally from Kobe, Japan as you might guess but has been available in the US since 1976.
The meat marbling is what makes it so tender. A chef I knew a few years back claimed that the quality came also from a daily massage received by these fine creatures.
Will 'Kobe' burger be next?
For more details read a piece I previously wrote about Kobe/ Wagyu in A side trip in the Cattle World (September 2005).
Bon Appetit!

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Last Minute 'Halloween' Ideas: Visit 'Broceliande'

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