Concierge Help Wanted! For a Wedding Proposal!

Yesterday I got one of these phone calls that got me thinking anew about my business. A reporter was asking me if in the range of concierge and errands services I provided, I ever happened to help set up a wedding proposal.
I had to admit I never did. As I told her, it does not mean I will not as every new job opportunity as a concierge has the potential to be unexpected.
So let me think of a few things I would focus on to make the proposal a success.
Let us start with not being ordinary.
Most people think of finding a 'romantic' restaurant but maybe it is overdone.
Would a jazz club or a cabaret or small play work if you can trick the singer or one of the actors to insert your wedding proposal in the script?
An hot air balloon ride would do unless the person is afraid of heights or plain scared of either marriage or their potential  partner (or all of the above).
Most important, forget about dropping the ring in your (soon to be) better half cocktail or in the middle of a puff pastry. The drama might come from a trip to the emergency room, not the most auspicious start.

As for the flowers, Roses by Design suggests scattering rose petals or even better to order roses bearing your message and deliver them throughout the day.

According to Our One Heart, a man used Halloween and Jack O' Lanterns for his proposal.

Back in June, I wrote in Up in the Air about Hot Air Balloon Rides over the Castles of the Loire Valley, could be an idea.

In any case if you have any ideas or suggestions, feel free to share them with your comments.

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