Take a Peak under the 'Covers' before heading to San Francisco

Heading for San Francisco and looking for up to date information on the hospitality industry here's a new source.
Ryan Tate, reporter for the San Francisco Business Times shares his insider knowledge of restaurants and hotels in and around San Francisco, tables and sheets and warts and all in Covers.
I was especially interested in his Mall Madness for Center Chefs story mentioning Tom Colicchio's Wichcraft outpost amongst others on the opening of the new Food Court at Westfield San Francisco Center mall.
The San Francisco Chronicle piece Old Emporium dome has turned into symbol of the new Westfield also mentions the presence of a 30.000 square feet grocery space.

From his report it sounds like the Upscaling of the Food Court.
Will we have to stand behind the velvet rope before grabbing a quick bite?

Westfield, in the process of re-branding all its shopping malls worldwide under the Westfield brand, is expanding my local Garden State Plaza mall along the same lines.

I discovered Covers thanks to Becks & Posh.

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