Off to the Bahamas we go...'Harbour Island-Briland' in the eyes of its residents

I have to be honest, in my 15 years in the States I have yet to travel to the Caribbeans. So I can say that I stumbled upon Island in the Sun, a site dedicated to Eleuthera and Harbour Island (otherwise as Briland) in the Bahamas.
It combines local storytelling and bands, tourist information, business directory, gift ideas and more.
It will take you a while to navigate the site which like a squid extends its reach in many directions.Strawwork_1

You can also check My Harbour Island by Robert Arthur.

Surely looking at the Bahamas through the eyes of the locals will give you a new perspective.

I chose a straw work weaving display to illustrate this piece.

In previous Caribbean Stories, I recounted Meeting the Minister of Rum, Ed Hamilton.

On the topic of Rhum Agricole, I also suggest you read Rum Run by Jordan Mackay on Chow.

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