I ain't gonna ride the Montclair to New York bus no more

As you might have read last week, I paid a visit to Digital Life in New York on Saturday. Even though it was the 14, I had the bad luck to see a trip that usually takes 30 minutes last around 90 minutes. As I had to go back to New Jersey mid-afternoon, it cut short my exploration of the expo.
It is the second time that I take the bus to the city in a month and the same thing happens. On top of that the bus drivers from the local company are surly at best, like they do people a favor to take them along. For the return trip we had to wait 25 extra minutes for the bus to arrive. At no time did anyone from the bus company show up to inform us on the extent of the delay.
I usually take the train but it does not run on the week-end (on my line).
I have a hard time imagining how people who commute everyday with the bus deal with the stress of the delays and so on.

It echoes some of the topics I covered in 5 ways to tick off customers during Customer Service Week
To paraphrase Maggie's Farm Maggie's Farm by The Specials, I ain't gonna take the bus to New York no more.

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