Bordeaux Quay, a Green Restaurant Al Gore would love

There is a common thread from Sydney's Celebrate Good Food Month (yesterday's topic) which showcases Ethical Dinners to Bristol's Bordeaux Quay featured today in Green, fresh and the food is good too by Nicholas Lander (Financial Times). Bordeauxquay

The building combines Restaurant, Bakery, Brassery, Cafe and Cooking School.

Barny Haughton uses Environmentally Responsible practices such as composting and designing the facility to reduce energy consumption.

He also uses the best organic produce and meats available, see The Good Veal Guide for example. The chef started combining cooking, food and socially responsible practices in his other outpost Quartier Vert ('Green Quarter' in english) also in Bristol.

His experiments are balanced by business partner John Pontin who makes sure that the business stays financially viable.
The two met after Barny Haughton gave a lecture on how restaurants are wasteful businesses.

So if you live in or visit Bristol, take a look at Bordeaux Quay and support a valuable experiment.

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