Asheville (North Carolina) goes 'You Tube'

Rather than go for the used and tired with Any Way You Like It  Asheville (North Carolina) asked the You Tube generation to submit videos recounting their visit to the city and what impressions they left with.

The main advertising campaign is called Unscripted or in their words "Come and spend some time in a place where life is unscripted, where each day is any way you like it".

The Asheville Tourist Office site puts the accent on the outdoors, the bucolic scenery and specials such as Girls Getaway.

In My Asheville you can submit Your Asheville story.

Kudos to their inclusive and innovative approach.

For Independent views on the Arts and the Local Scene you can also check Mountain Xpress.

Let me plan a week-end there to explore.

I found out about Asheville, Any Way You Like It on Coudal.

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