5 Ways to tick off Customers during Customer Service Week

I plead guilty, I did not know that we were celebrating National Customer Service Week until I read Hi, can I not help you? by David Lazarus in today's SF Chronicle.

So let me list 5 ways to Tick Off Customers:
-In Restaurants: Have a staffer talk diners heads off while their food is getting cold.
-In a Bank: Have a Rep in your local office tell a client that 'they can do it themselves online'
-In a Store: Have a Salesperson answer their cell phone while you are trying to get their attention.
-In Any Establishment dealing with the public: Give poor training, bad pay and no benefits to your new hires and throw them to the dogs.
-In Any Retail Establishment on a busy day: Have management confuse a flogging with a motivational speech and piss off the staff.

On a closing note check these Tips for a Successful Celebration of Customer Service Week.

Feel free to share with us your horror stories and the good ones as well.

Thanks to the Instigator Blog for helping us gel our thoughts on this topic with their Blog about 5 Things Week initiative.

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