In a Mellow Mood, My Rest and Recovery Soundtrack

Since I have spent the last couple days in the slow lane with more reading, laying down and turning down the volume music wise here are a few things that have been playing in the background courtesy of Rhapsody.
I started with The '81 Demos by Weekend a Jazzy- Pop british trio that had its origin in Young Marble Giants .

Then I moved to Argentina with Son by Juana Molina, her third album, dreamlike, a strange mix of songs and electronics

For whatever reason a master of the jazz piano and the ballad The Paris Concert Edition 2 by Bill Evans sounded like a natural

Today I added 2 more, first chanson francaise Tant De Belles Choses by Francoise Hardy

To close the selection, no other than a brazilian master Rive Gauche Rio by Celso Fonseca for today's Bossa Nova.

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