Ernesto's Long Tail makes it a good time to Taste Pumpkin Beer

Ernesto's Long Tail has brought us in the Northeast of the USA grey or cloudy skies and rain by the bucket. So with this fall before the Fall weather reminding me of rain and wind beaten Fall and Winters when I lived in Brest (Brittany not Belarus), Pumpkin_1 I took the opportunity offered to me to taste the Saranac Pumpkin Ale. I am not a big beer drinker but enjoy trying various micro brews. This one is medium bodied with mainly cinnamon and obviously pumpkin hitting my taste buds, worth a try.

A brew pub that I have fond memories of is Le Bar Belge (the Belgian Bar) in Toulouse where I discovered 'La Mort Subite' (or 'sudden death' ) a Belgian lambic beer brewed since 1686.

I am not sure the 'Bar Belge' is still around.

I do like Pumpkin Soup as well but I am definitely not ready for the fall.
Check Elise (Simple Recipes) Spicy Pumpkin Soup, it is Wheat Free, worth mentioning for our friends with Gluten Allergies.

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