Vouvray, Domaine de La Rouletiere gets my vote for Wine Blogging Wednesday #24

This August 2006 edition of Wine Blogging Wednesday is Drink Loire Whites and Vinography is the host.
Most of you know that I am partial to reds. Nevertheless during the scorching heat of the past few days, a mellower white such as the Vouvray 'Domaine  de la Rouletiere' 2004 (Sec-Dry) is a good companion.Vouvray
Brought to us by Jean-Marc and Francois Gilet, proprietaires-recoltants in Parcay-Meslay (Touraine), this wine is 100% Chenin Blanc and hand-picked.
Displaying nice fruit (quince and pear) and slightly grassy, I enjoyed it with some bread and fourme d'ambert cheese.

They also produce a Brut Sparkling that has received many accolades.

At around $12.00 it is also right on the money.


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