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Farecast: Now offering much improved Airfare Search for 55 US cities

I was not impressed by my first look at Farecast (because their initial list of cities covered was so small) but after reading on TechCrunch that 'Farecast' expanded the number of cities you can search for airfares to 55, I decided to take a second look.Logofarecastsmall
Since Newark (New Jersey), the nearest airport for me is one of them, it makes it easier to try.
I searched for a Newark (NJ) to Portland (Oregon) round trip fare (September 05-September 12), got a best fare (non stop) of $339.00, for more details here is the result. I like the 'Fare Prediction' and 'Fare History' functions.
Please note though that cities covered by 'Farecast' are all in the USA.
For foreign travel, I will still have to rely on Mobissimo or Cheap Flights.

Hey 'Netflix'! My nearest Shipping Facility is in New Jersey not California

On Saturday, I stopped by the Main Post Office (in my hometown of Montclair, New Jersey) to return a couple of movies to Netflix. I glanced at the envelope before dropping it in the Mailbox and it read 'Nearest Netflix Shipping Facility' P.O Box 25010, Santa Ana, CA 92799-5010' so I had to make a U-Turn and get a new envelope with the real nearest facility which is located in New Brunswick, NJ.
The reason I write about this is because it is not the first time it happens. I had return envelopes with California and I believe Louisiana addresses.
Do I rent too many movies or return them too fast for Netflix's good, just wondering?

Spike TV's 'Bullrun' gives me a casting call..Should I join the Reality TV fray?

Funny things happen! Yesterday I was surprised to find in my e-mail box, a message from the casting director of Bullrun, a Reality Show currently playing on Spike TV. They were wondering if myself or any other 'young' 'badass' European driver and their 'Hot' set of wheels would like to participate in a segment a the show to be shot mid-October.
Well I am a European expat for sure, not a 'young badass' driver and I do not own a 'hot' (legal) set of wheels but if someone reading this has one, maybe there could be a team in the making.
The show sure sounds like fun. A customized 'Serge the Concierge' mobile would do.
What could it look like? Send in your suggestions.

'Weekend Herb Blogging' goes global

While searching the topic of 'crunchy beans' (or too crunchy should I say), I stumbled upon Calendula and Concrete where Christa muses from her Washington DC organic plot. Choke She hosted the last edition of 'Weekend Herb Blogging' with contributors the world over. Reading the recap, I discovered Samphire also known as Sea Fennel (it grows in coastal areas) through the Turkish entry, a 'Samphire Salad'. Christa's blend of from the garden to the table actually echoes La Popote du Potager (in short 'cooking what grows in the garden') a French site by Sandra who lives in the Lot region (please note that it is written in french).

To illustratrate this walk in the garden, I used one of the wonderful photos of Loua otherwise known as Marie-Louise Avery.

'Ampelmann'...How to Turn Traffic Signs into Icons

West German born designer Markus Heckhausen turned the Ampelmann Ampelmann that graced East German traffic lights with their vivid 'Steher (Wait)' and 'Geher (Walk)' signals into a fashion icon. It might prove that everything that was created behind the Berlin Wall was not staid. His company offers T-Shirts, Lamps and many more items displaying the little guys.
They have found a following in Japan as well.
Deutsche Welle showcased Markus Heckhausen as Traffic-Light Man and I discovered him by reading Little Men who signal success (registration required) in today's Financial Times.

In Cape Town today, Experience a Taste of the Cape

If you are visiting South Africa and just happen to be nearby Cape Town today, the South African Chefs Association is presenting 'Experience a Taste of the Cape' with some of the city's best restaurants showcased. It takes place at the Walled City at Ratanga Junction a large event space used for concerts, corporate events, kids parties and more.

'Who killed the electric car', 'French Comics' and more on BBC Collective

What's happening! Traveling to the UK soon and wanting to see which cultural events are taking places or just want to read about subject as diverse as the Edinburgh Art Festivals, the documentary Who Killed the Electric Car or French Comics "a look at the land where comics are the ninth art" including Dupuy & Berberian's Maybe Later, pay a visit to the BBC Collective described as the Interactive Culture Magazine.
Beyond the topics that I mentioned, they also cover new music, books and more, always good to look at things from a different perspective.

Pure Contemporary: on Home, Architecture, Design

After noticing that they paid a visit to this site, I checked the work of online magazine Pure Contemporary. If you want to find innovative ideas  in architecture, design and home decorating read their blog, check their designers interviews. For example, on their blog page, I found out that Design Within Reach is opening its first outlet store nearby me, in Secaucus, New Jersey. Their My Home Design section offers an Interactive Room Planner where you can see what your room could look like without the heavy lifting and also a Home Decor Organizer where you can save all necessary details on what you used for your decorating/ painting project. In order to use these tools you need to register first.

Green like a 'Bike Hugger'?

The creation of DL Byron and Frank Steele, Bike Hugger aims to evangelize the benefits of cycling to work or for pleasure. In countries such as the Netherlands many people use a bike to commute. If you don't own or ride a pair of wheels but like their ideas you can always wear their T-Shirts (shown Bikeshirt here). They also brought to my attention the Bicycle Film Festival which just made a stop in Chicago the past week-end, next stage will be in London.
I had the pleasure to meet Byron in New York a couple months ago and thought it would be a good way to thank him for sharing his insight on the world of blogs by writing about this new project.

Riding my bike (even if only for half an hour) is one of the best ways I have found to clear my head.

Brocciu cheese, Ricotta's cousin from Corsica

A Fiadone ('corsican cheesecake') recipe on Chocolate & Zucchini last week led me to Brocciu, a corsican cheese which I have not tasted yet whose name is related to the french word "brousse". Brocciu Considered by some as a cousin of Ricotta, it is made with Goat or Ewes' milk, is very rich (between 40 and 50% fat content), sweet and displays a strong milk taste according to the technical sheet on Cheese France which goes in more details about its making, what recipes it can be used for and some wine pairing suggestions. It is considered a food staple on the island of Corsica. Philippe Le Bail, pastry chef at 'Hotel Belvedere' in Porto Vecchio came up with a Brocciu sorbet served with rhubarb coulis.