Jammin'...Not with Bob...With Fruits and Ginger

The Jammin' here is not by Bob Marley and the Wailers, it is one of Fruits and Berries and Ginger and more. My frequent visits to La Tartine Gourmande bring back childhood memories. Those were the days when I could go for a walk in the nearby countryside in my birth place of Lanester and come back with a bounty of wild berries or chestnuts depending on the season. All I needed was a wire mesh basket to drop my findings in. If it was berries, upon my return I would deliver the goods to my grandmother who would turn them into delicious home made jams. Chestnuts would become a spread.
Bea of La Tartine Gourmande got me thinking of this with her All Sort of Jams tutorial. Confiture The french word Tartine means slice of bread. It is not until my teenage years that I started eating cereals. Until then breakfast consisted of bread, butter and jelly (and coffee) most of the time. A variation would be croissants or homemade crepes.
The same day, Pascale of C'est moi qui l'a fait offered A Dark Chocolate and Praline Spread recipe (in French only).
In Sydney, Helen of Grab your Fork found a Ginger Marmelade amongst other things she covers in Just Desserts at The Boulevard Markets. My friend Monick who likes all things ginger would be delighted by one of these.

Thanks to Bea for letting me use her 'Tartine de Confiture' photo as an illustration.

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