Green like a 'Bike Hugger'?

The creation of DL Byron and Frank Steele, Bike Hugger aims to evangelize the benefits of cycling to work or for pleasure. In countries such as the Netherlands many people use a bike to commute. If you don't own or ride a pair of wheels but like their ideas you can always wear their T-Shirts (shown Bikeshirt here). They also brought to my attention the Bicycle Film Festival which just made a stop in Chicago the past week-end, next stage will be in London.
I had the pleasure to meet Byron in New York a couple months ago and thought it would be a good way to thank him for sharing his insight on the world of blogs by writing about this new project.

Riding my bike (even if only for half an hour) is one of the best ways I have found to clear my head.

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Brocciu cheese, Ricotta's cousin from Corsica

Aug 14
A Fiadone ('corsican cheesecake') recipe on Chocolate & Zucchini last week led me to Brocciu, a corsican cheese which I have not tasted yet whose name is related to the french word "brousse". Considered by some as a cousin of Ricotta, it is made with Goat or Ewes' milk, is very rich (between 40 and 50% fat content), sweet and displays a strong milk taste according to the technical sheet on Cheese France which goes...
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Pure Contemporary: on Home, Architecture, Design

Aug 15
After noticing that they paid a visit to this site, I checked the work of online magazine Pure Contemporary. If you want to find innovative ideas in architecture, design and home decorating read their blog, check their designers interviews. For example, on their blog page, I found out that Design Within Reach is opening its first outlet store nearby me, in Secaucus, New Jersey. Their My Home Design section offers an Interactive Room Planner where...