Accessorize your Bike with Topeak

Maybe you ride your bike to work or to the nearest commuter train station. Perhaps you use it for a quick run to the post office, the bank or your favorite food source. In all cases, you need to accessorize. I just discovered Topeak whose motto is prepare to ride. They offer well designed bags, lights (for a safe ride after dark)and much more. If you are an outdoors fan they even have the Bikamper, a Bike Tent (pictured here) Bikamper that anchors the tent on your Bike and sleeps one. Topeak is based in Foxborough, Massachusetts and has been offering innovative gear since 1991.
For more Bike News you can also visit Bike Hugger which I wrote about in Green Like a Bike Hugger earlier this month.

I discovered Topeak on Coudal.

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