1944 (and 5 more) reasons to love the French

I previously mentioned a little book called A Year in the Merde, a humourous look at surviving Paris and Parisians. Adam Jones piece 1944 reasons to love the French in today's Financial Times points to a surprise hit in French bookstores this summer, When you will be in France: Instructions to British soldiers. Instructions_1 This pamphlet was originally given to British servicemen before le debarquement.

Let me add 5 more reasons to the list:

-Pierre André Senizergues, a former skateboarder and  the man who brought us brands with street cred such as Etnies.

-Clotilde of Chocolate and Zucchini for proving that techies can have communication skills and become successful food writers.

-Paris Plage for bringing the beach to the city (through Paris Daily Photo)

-Film director Francois Truffaut for wonderful slices of life

-Grasse (Provence) for the scenery, perfumes, fragrances and parfumeurs such as Fragonard.

Have a good week-end!

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