Mile Guru...Track your Frequent Flyer Miles and Hotel Points in one place

If you travel a lot and use quite a few different airlines and other services, rather than visit a number of sites to track your frequent flyer miles, hotel and car rental points, MileGuru offers you a one stop solution to track and redeem your rewards.Mileguru100
The service just launched and I have not tried it yet but it seems well thought.
In the never ending search for time saving solutions, this might be a hepful tool.
I discovered the service today on Wired's Monkey Bites.

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Even though Farmers Markets are experiencing a revival here in the US, they are far in size and scope of the offerings from say European ones. I always enjoyed taking a walk through one of those while I lived in France and being able to meet people who actually grow things and pick amongst other things fruits and vegetables that are ripe and ready to eat. Not the refrigerated kind we find in most supermarkets...
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