Meeting the 'Ministry of Rum' for a Taste of Martinique

During my visit to the Bastille Day Fete on 60th Street in New York on Sunday, I had the pleasure to meet briefly with Edward Hamilton a fan and minister of rum. He imports the Rhum Agricole from Martinique. You can find some of his writings, tasting dates and more at Ministry of Rum. The Rum I tasted was  Rhum Neisson Agricole Blanc. Neisson_blanc_bottle_1 The 'Rhum Agricole' is made only with freshly squeezed sugar cane juice as opposed to many rums made with cheaper option molasses. Edward also penned 2 books on the topic, 'Rums of the Eastern Caribbean' and 'The Complete Guide to Rum'. Another good source I discovered on the subject is A Rum Site on Rum in Dominica Island.
All I have to do know is plan a trip to 'Martinique' and witness how this special rums are made with my own eyes.
The wonderful food and music to be found there is another good reason to make the trip.

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