Grow your Own, The 'Eat Local Challenge' on the benefits of eating what grows in our backyard or our area

Even though Farmers Markets are experiencing a revival here in the US, they are far in size and scope of the offerings from say European ones. I always enjoyed taking a walk through one of those while I lived in France and being able to meet people who actually grow things and pick amongst other things fruits and vegetables that are ripe and ready to eat. Not the refrigerated kind we find in most supermarkets here in the States.
I have to recognize that many americans are not that thrilled to be faced with live animals (as food to be) or whole fishes that can be cut to the size you need (not just filets and steaks here).
Sometimes it can be nice to eat what grows in your very own backyard or at least locally. In New Jersey local produce is marketed as 'New Jersey Fresh'.
As part of this eating well, local and seasonal, the Eat Local Challenge offers ideas and resources on the topic. They share their thoughts on 10 reasons to Eat Local and invite us to experience 'One Local Summer' and see what happens.
'National Farmers Market Week' takes place from August 6 to August 12.
Along the same lines, Patricia Leigh Brown Edible Lanscaping piece in today's New York Times reports how people are converting their lawns into gardens.
I still remember my grandmother's homemade jams, jellies and vegetable preserves and picking strawberries and cherries (straight from the tree) in my grandfather's garden. Climbing on the ladder might have increased the thrill of it.

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