Can't stand the Heat...Try Bea's Cold Avocado, Orange and Lime Soup or Tarator from Bulgaria

It is too hot to work is the subtitle on the recipe for Cold Avocado, Orange and Lime Soup by Beatrice of La Tartine Gourmande. This is also a classic french song: 'Il fait trop chaud pour travailler'.
It was also a title chosen in June 2005 by Pascale Weeks who suggested a big pitcher of Citron Presse (lemon, lime, water, ice cubes, touch of sugar) as the perfect thirst quencher.
I also found advice to french workers Heat can kill, even at work on how to adjust your work habits to the weather. Taratorsoup
More Heatwave health tips are compiled by Disastersrus, What a name?
To finish on a Food note, I chose to illustrate this piece with a photo of 'Tarator Soup', a cold cucumber and yogurt recipe from Bulgaria that I discovered courtesy of Villa Stresov based in Borovets.
Beside offering accomodations in a luxury villa, they also have Gourmet Wine Dinners available.

Stay cool!

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