'Turn Here' Video Guides give travelers an Authentic look at Cities & Neighborhoods

Instead of sharing 'Snapshots' of cities and neighborhoods around the corner and around the world, Turn Here Turnhere offers short videos of restaurants, local attractions and more.
My pick of their offerings of the day is the 'Coyoacan' video. Coyoacan is a  neighborhood in Mexico City notable for its architecture and its Mercado (Market). It also played host to Leon Trotsky, Frida Kahlo and Diego Riveira.

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Seafood Ice-Cream and other strange brews...Big in Japan

Jun 9
Did you ever crave a taste of Octopus (Taco Aisu)or Crab (Kani Aisu) ice cream, well Japan has it and more as illustrated in The wacky world of Japanese Ice Cream by the Mainichi Daily News. Bert Christensen offers more tantalizing choices such as Cactus ice cream (see picture) on his Weird and Different Recipes site. Yahoo News found also that you can Beat the heat -- with rattlesnake ice cream and informs us that...
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'Looking for the secret to your purpose in life', Reboot says Stowe Boyd

Jun 12
When our computer starts acting up, we often reboot it. After attending the Reboot conference Stowe Boyd rediscovered what drives him and motivates him as spelled out in his own words: "The secret to purpose in life (or happiness, or enlightenment, or meaning) is that there is no secret: its right here, in front of you, right now. And Reboot, for me at least, was in fact that kind of shining mirror, where I relearned...