Scorpion flavored cocktails: South of the Border

Machismo expresses itself in many ways south of the border it seems, including in young boys in Oaxaca(Mexico) thinking nothing of going Scorpion Hunting and reselling the charming creatures to local Mezcal distillers who add one of these friends in some of their local production. One of the best known Mezcal producers is Del Maguey. Maguey Mezcal is made from the maguey plant which comes in many types. Maguey worms (caterpillars) are also one of the insects treated as a delicacy by locals.

What piqued my interest in the topic was Would you like a scorpion with that, sir? by Tom Sutherland in the FT Week-end.

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'Shopify' Your Yard Sale or Specialty shop online in a breeze

Jun 23
Looking for ways to Clear your Attic or Showcase your Own Designs or Products. Instead of having a Yard Sale in the sweltering heat, Shopify allows you to set your own 'Shop' Online in minutes. There is no Fee for setting up your space. They take a 3% commission on sales of up to $10.000 and 2% over that. They are based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Give them a try!
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