Red Wines (12.5% and under): Thirtysomething picks for Wine Blogging Wednesday #22

Our friend Tim at 'Winecast' did not waste time putting together the summary for Wine Blogging Wednesday number 22. Read it and you will find some 30 suggestions of Red Wines (including ours) with 12.5 % alcohol or less. As summer dawns on us, it is not a bad idea to turn down the alcohol level. This is part of our 'Wine Stroke' prevention program. A nice chilled Bandol rose might not be unpleasant either. All you will miss are the crickets. 'Vinography' offered an excellent 'Bandol  Rose'  pick from Domaine Tempier back in 2004. Ah! Provence, le Midi...Un Pastis, s'il vous plait.

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Up in the Air: Balloon Flights over the Castles of the Loire Valley and more by 'Bootique Hotels'

Jun 15
Imagine flying over storied Castles of the Loire Valley (maybe the Chateau D'Usse known as the 'Castle of the Sleeping Beauty') in an hot air balloon. This is one of the offerings from Bootique Hotels. The Paris based company as its name suggests also offers information and reservations for boutique hotels in Paris, Provence and the Cote d'Azur. Their Paris City Guide offers local gals and guys picks for up and coming Restaurants, Shopping Spots,...
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'Jazz', from New Zealand, a new Apple

Jun 17
Music goes outdoors in many cities at this time of the year, so while you enjoy these summer grooves will you be having a bite of Jazz, a new Apple. I do not mean an I Pod. This and that Jazz is a new Apple. Apple the fruit it is. Produced by Enza in New Zealand, it is now reaching the US Shores. To make 'Jazz' swing off the shelves, the company is sponsoring amongst...