MPire...A one stop solution for your Online Purchases?

The recently launched MPRIRE might offer a one stop solution to your online shopping. Enter say 'couch cover', the service will give you a few related options so you can narrow your choices and then list a number of items available. The company has a partnership with Yahoo, Overstock, Craigslist and EBay which might explain why the results coming up during my test searches where a little EBAY top heavy. I am sure that as time goes by they will widen the sources and the selection of items offered.
Otherwise the service seems well designed and is user friendly.

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Potatoes Anna...with your Pan Seared Halibut!

Jun 29
Despite the fact that potatoes are a basic food staple, I never had a chance to taste Potatoes Anna until yesterday as they were served with a Pan Roasted Nova Scotia Halibut by Chef Joe Paladino. Other accompaniments were a julienne of beets and scallions. The finishing touch was a sweet corn coulis. Maki of 'I was just really hungry' offered a Recipe for Pommes de Terres( Potatoes) Anna (April 2004). Her photo for her...
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In 'Cooking to a World Beat' Michael Bauer points to the wide range of flavors on offer

Jun 30
In Cooking to a world beat, Michael Bauer of the San Francisco Chronicle highlights the rise of Spanish and Asian influences in American cooking (and the end of the French-English-German hegemony) and how Tuna Tartare is now a staple at many restaurants. The Culinary Institute of America is actually presenting Spain and the World Table (November 2-4) as part of its Worlds of Flavor Events. The guest chef for that event is Ferran Adria of...