'Voss' a designer water that also tastes good

About a month ago, I had a 5:00 pm water tasting offering side by side Hackensack (tap) water, San Pellegrino and Voss. Sparkling_small_2 With the heat upon us in the past few days in the northeast it would be even better now. In any case Voss won the contest, it is refreshing yet subtle on the palate. Its designer bottles inspire people to take them for a second use, be it infused oils or vodka, storing dry goods, holding a lamp shade or reinvented as a flower vase.

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Putting 'Crowdsourcing' to work: Offer Vegetarian Ideas to Meat loving Chef

May 31
I recently had a discussion with a chef we will call Ken (no Barbie involved) on the use of vegetable stocks versus meat stocks. I have to say that he is basically a meat loving guy and does not feel that you can get as much flavor in a dish with a vegetarian base. After reading Jeff Howe's piece on The Rise of Crowdsourcing in Wired magazine, I thought calling on all the vegetarians to...
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'Another year on the wagon', Humour has it for UK soft drink brewer Fentiman's

Jun 1
As we look for authentic, natural products, british soft drink brewer Fentiman's seems to fit the profile. They define their beverages as botanically brewed. Their tag line of 'Another year on the wagon' also shows they have a sense of humour. Amongst their offerings is the 'Victorian Lemonade' which illustrates this piece. While checking their availability in the US, I did find that Mango's Market in Sarasota (Florida) sells their Dandelion & Burdock, Ginger Beer...