Say Cheese, Big and Rich, 'St Simeon' from the Brie region of France

If you look for a big and rich creamy cow milk's cheese, my latest discovery is St Simeon. Simeon The cheese is sold in a plastic shell to prevent its soft self to make an ungodly mess. It is poured into shape with a laddle, has a lightly (edible) orange rind, 60 % (fat) content. It is made by the 'Fromagere de la Brie' in St Simeon since 1929.
Perfect way to finish your meal, suggested accompaniments would be a salad and nuts or fruits. Well why not make a salad and add some nuts and apples or pears to it. Have a glass of champagne with it, enjoy.

We at New Jersey Concierges can also help you plan a cheese and wine party.

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