'Plagiarize this' (or Remake Remodel) suggests online journal 'The Morning News'

As many cases of 'plagiarism' have emerged recently, New York based online journal The Morning News invites its readers to participate in a plagiarism contest tomorrow Friday. The idea is to have people create an 'original' work from pieces of others. Their literary version of 'mashups'. As Roxy Music back in the early 70's said 'remake remodel' as illustrated in this video found on You Tube.

I found out about this on Coudal.

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'iYoga Life' helps make Yoga part of our regular day

May 10
Going from the 'Four Day Work Week' topic yesterday to how to integrate Yoga in our daily routine by practicing a few steps when we have a moment here and there felt like a natural. While checking the site of 'iYoga Life' last week, the fact that they gave tips on how to practice some movements whenever we have a moment appealed to me. They call it 'Pose of the week'. I did take classes...
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'All cupcakes, all the time', Cupcakes are hip again according to pastry chef Glenn Schwabik

May 12
Trends come and go and things get in and out of fashion. According to my friend, pastry chef Glenn Schwabik, cupcakes are back in vogue right now. Rachel, Alizinha and Nichelle, the triumvirate behind Cupcakes take the Cake illustrate this. Their motto is 'All Cupcakes, all the Time'. I especially liked their Chocolate, Cream and Raspberry cupcakes showcased in the picture. I also discovered on their site Cupcake Royale opening a store in Seattle where...