Lost in the supermarket? 'GroceryLists.org' let us peak into people's shopping and eating habits

While checking another site, I noticed Grocery Lists which caught my eye since as a concierge I happen to do food shopping for some of my clients. I find it more time consuming when I have to find my way around a new (to me at least) store. I am not aware of GPS software or Google Maps or Mapquest to show me the way around these unknown emporiums so you are not lost in the supermarket. Maybe it does exist. I do know for a fact (having worked in a supermarket many years ago) that we purchase items we did not intend to get as we negotiate various aisles. The store is set up to make us shop more. It is true also that we often write our lists aphazardly so reorganizing them in sections saves us time in the end. 'Grocery Lists' offers a collection of more than a 1000 shopping lists. Dig through it.

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10 best places in Tokyo for Handmade Pottery as read on PingMag

May 17
In PingMag, Heather Lorusso describes and illustrates how handcrafted clay pottery occupies a special place for Japanese. Not just on shelves as collections on display but in people's homes, in cafes, restaurants for everyday use. She gives us some historical background on pottery Japan and offers a number of galleries, shops and producers worth visiting in and around Tokyo. I especially liked the part on Cafe Ocharaka where you can actually purchase the same pottery...
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'Fabulous Favorites Festival' today: This month Wine Blogging Wednesday takes place on a Friday

May 19
Unfortunately this week has been quite hectic for me and I will not have the chance or should I say time to contribute to Wine Blogging Wednesday #21. Breaking all the rules, this month it takes place on a Friday and is brought to you by Alberto of Is My Blog Burning and Lenn of Lenndevours under the 'Fabulous Favorites' banner. The theme this month is cook a dish and pick a wine from your...