'Lala' CD Exchange: Trade your Gathering dust Music for some you really Want

As time goes by, there is always music that we have that just sits on our shelves or in boxes gathering dust. Bill Nguyen and his team seem to have come up with a winning idea in LALA. The process goes like this: pick CDs you want, list CDs you have and want to trade, trade CDs with other members of LALA. Once you sign up, after your first CD is ready to be shipped, you will receive shipping enveloppes similar to those used by DVD by mail services. The service is now being tested (available to early adopters) and will be fully available on July 4th. I personally use Rhapsody for Online Music but some music that I am interested in is not available on it. For that type of CDs, I will give LALA a try.

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"Heal your Body through your Clothes" tells us Dimi Gaidatzi in today's FT week-end

May 27
Would you believe that you can get healthier by wearing clothing made with new type of fabrics that blend textiles and fragrances and more? Dimi Gaidatzi in her article "The age of cosmetotextiles" in today's Financial Times, tells us how? Here is how the New York SCC describes Cosmetotextiles: "Cosmetotextiles: The largest area of human skin is in constant contact with textile fabrics. Much energy is invested by the textile industry to improve the comfort...
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Putting 'Crowdsourcing' to work: Offer Vegetarian Ideas to Meat loving Chef

May 31
I recently had a discussion with a chef we will call Ken (no Barbie involved) on the use of vegetable stocks versus meat stocks. I have to say that he is basically a meat loving guy and does not feel that you can get as much flavor in a dish with a vegetarian base. After reading Jeff Howe's piece on The Rise of Crowdsourcing in Wired magazine, I thought calling on all the vegetarians to...