In 'Are you ready to succeed' Srikumar Rao examines ways to live a more fruitful life

Often we wonder what the purpose of what we are doing is, does it make sense? In 'Are you ready to succeed', Srikumar Rao, professor at Columbia University Graduate School of Business explores ways to put ourselves in a better place. Are_you_ready He looks at it through business and spiritual lenses, offering exercices, reading and other tools that can open our eyes and help us live a more meaningful life, one where we are glad to get up in the morning and look forward to what is ahead of us.
His approach reminds me of the Thanks God it's Monday approach offered by Francois Basili.
To learn more about Srikumar Rao and his book listen to his podcast interview by Todd of 800 CEO READ on May 5th or read the review on Yoga Journal.

Thanks to the In Bubble Wrap guy for bringing this book to my attention.

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