In and around Seattle, with Redfin find, buy, sell homes online

If you already leave there or plan to move in the Seattle area and are also house hunting Redfin lets you find, buy, sell property online. Their website explains the process very clearly and uses online maps to showcase properties. Their blog seems to offer an honest assesment of the 'right' price of properties according to their neighborhoods.
With this service you do not have to visit a ton of realtors. It allows for a more focused process.

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Wine Tasting at Tribeca Grill yesterday: Italian and French wines

May 25
Just a quick note to mention that I was lucky to be invited by Jeff of Michael Skurnik wines to their Vinitaly ( Italian Wine)tasting which this year was combined with Daniel Johnnes selections from France. The tasting took place at Tribeca Grill at midday yesterday. I did not see Robert de Niro waiting, just noticed his paintings hanging on the walls. Two producers who especially got my attention were Domaine Saint Prefert (Chateuneuf-du-Pape) and...
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'Honesty' is the best Sales Tool says Richard Courtney

May 26
In his book 'Buyers Are Liars & Sellers Are Too', Richard Courtney uses his long experience as a Nashville realtor to look at all the pitfalls that mark the process of home buying. His main advice, honesty ( on both sides) is the best way to experience a satisfying sales process. In all my time in sales and service, this is an idea I try to stick too. A cheap service might not end up...