"Heal your Body through your Clothes" tells us Dimi Gaidatzi in today's FT week-end

Would you believe that you can get healthier by wearing clothing made with new type of fabrics that blend textiles and fragrances and more? Dimi Gaidatzi in her article "The age of cosmetotextiles" in today's Financial Times, tells us how?

Here is how the New York SCC describes Cosmetotextiles: "Cosmetotextiles: The largest area of human skin is in constant contact with textile fabrics. Much energy is invested by the textile industry to improve the comfort of wearing clothes and minimise contact irritation by mechanical attrition or chemical reaction with the skin. One step further would be (and is already in practice) to produce fabrics that release minute amounts of skin benefit agents such as fragrances, antimicrobials, moisturisers, slimming or anti-ageing ingredients in general. This is achievable with follow microporous fibres or with microcapsules physically or chemically bound to the fibre surface. The biggest technical challenge still is the wash-resistance of such active fabrics (49)."

Amongst the clothing brands mentioned are Lytess offering tops with Aloe Vera and more. Some new scents created by IFF are used by companies such as Nike for peppermint infused T-Shirts.

The future is already here

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