Find your Personality Type thanks to Myers & Briggs Foundation

Instead of checking your horoscope why not head instead to the Myers & Briggs Foundation website. Find out (if you do not know it yet) your personality type by using the MBTI, in plain english Myers-Briggs type indicator. It can help you put your career and who you are in synch and in your personal life improve your relationships.
Thanks to Charlene LI who considers herself an ENFP (seeing life as full of possibilities amongst other things) for making me aware of this site.
I still have to put myself to the test. Today my priority was to send ( Global Priority Mail) a Mother's Day card to my Mom.
In France Mother's day is (usually) the last Sunday of May.

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The Good Books: 'Field-Tested Books' by Coudal coming on June 6th

May 21
As Summer approaches, Coudal will soon ( the week of June 6th) offer us their Field-Tested Books. It is not just any reading list. Each reviewer picked a book read in a certain city and relates how the surroundings (atmosphere, atmosphere) colored their reading experience. One of the reviewers is Amy Krouse Rosenthal whose Encyclopedia of Ordinary Life I still have to read. The people of Aesthetic Apparatus are designing a limited edition poster to...
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Are good manners out of style?

May 23
Reading a review of The Suit a guide for men on how to dress well by Nicholas Antongiavanni, brought to mind a few things that rile me in the customer service field. Maybe it is because of my european upbringing but I am not fond of hearing people adressing women as 'mam', I would rather they use the old fashioned 'ladies'. I do not care either about 'how are you guys doin'. In most cases...